Network services

University of Trieste’s eduroam wireless network is WPA2/3 Enterprise (AES) and IEEE standard 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) and ax (Wi-Fi 6), on 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.

While the following list of desirable open ports is not a requirement, it serves as a guideline for
service, and service providers are asked to strive to open at least these ports (University of Trieste is compliant):

  • Standard IPSec VPN: IP protocols 50 (ESP) and 51 (AH) both egress and ingress; UDP/500 (IKE) egress only.
  • OpenVPN 2.0: UDP/1194.
  • IPv6 Tunnel Broker service: IP protocol 41 ingress and egress.
  • IPsec NAT-Traversal UDP/4500.
  • Cisco IPSec VPN over TCP: TCP/10000 egress only.
  • PPTP VPN: IP protocol 47 (GRE) ingress and egress; TCP/1723 egress only.
  • SSH: TCP/22 egress only.
  • HTTP: TCP/80 egress only.
  • HTTPS: TCP/443 egress only.
  • IMAP2+4: TCP/143 egress only.
  • IMAP3: TCP/220 egress only.
  • IMAPS: TCP/993 egress only.
  • POP: TCP/110 egress only.
  • POP3S: TCP/995 egress only.
  • Passive (S)FTP: TCP/21 egress only.
  • SMTPS: TCP/465 egress only.
  • SMTP submits with STARTTLS: TCP/587 egress only.
  • RDP: TCP/3389 egress only.
  • Some Peer2Peer file sharing oriented protocols are filtered.
  • Some DNS filters prescribed by Italian law in order to contrast illegal gaming may be enforced.
  • Filters aimed at fighting intrusions, worm, virus, botnet activity, etc. may be applied.

Guests with an eduroam account issued by their institution (not by the University of Trieste) normally do not have access to internal resources unless those resources have been explicitly allowed by the managers of departmental local networks or by the managers of internal services.