Error on MacOS: The ‘Wi-Fi Network’ payload could not be installed. The network interface could not be found.​
I changed my password and I do not connect to eduroam anymore

When a profile is already configured for a wireless network, some devices do not allow to change the password configured for that profile.

Suggested action:

  1. Remove or make the device forget the configured eduroam network.
  2. Follow the installation procedure on eduroam.units.it again.
The device often disconnects from the eduroam network and connects to the eduroam-setup network

Background: many devices do not have the ability to set an order preference for wi-fi networks. When roaming from one hotspot to another or when in areas with little coverage, the connection to the eduroam network may fail. The device then looks for an already known network and tries to connect to it. Since in the areas of UniTS where there is eduroam network there is also always eduroam-setup network, the device that has already been connected to it in the past, connects to eduroam-setup.

Recommended action: for an optimal network experience, after having correctly configured eduroam network, always remove or make the device forget eduroam-setup wireless network.

I clicked on the eduroam network, I entered username and password and it works: why should I use the installer instead?

Manually configuring the eduroam network very often means omitting essential information for the security of the connection, such as the authentication server’s certificate or the name of the same server and the CA certificate.

This way, while working ok, the connection exposes your credentials to anyone configuring a hotspot that broadcasts a network with the same name eduroam, even walking on the street, i.e. using the smartphone.

In a very simple way it is therefore possible that your credentials are stolen in order to conduct malicious activity on your behalf on e-mail, your reservations, your connection or anything else being accessible with those credentials.

Do I need to modify Wi-Fi settings if I change site/dept/university/country?

NO: the eduroam network works across all departments and university sites. Moreover, without changing anything on your connection settings, it’s possible to automatically access eduroam networks spread all around the world among research institutes, universities, schools, libraries and even cafés, squares and airports.

Upon updating my device, it no longer connects to eduroam

Some updates may overwrite the connection profiles or cryptographic mechanisms used.

Suggested action:

  1. Remove or make the device forget configured eduroam network.
  2. Follow the installation procedure on eduroam.units.it again.
May I contact you?

The contact address eduroam@units.it can be used to report generalized malfunctioning or as a contact point for other eduroam institutions.
Please remember that Ufficio Reti di Ateneo does not provide assistance on personal devices.